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How to play football on a rope?

Jobber Ropes Olé Swing Ankle Ball / Ankle Ball Game Olé Swing Ball is easy to make in the right size:Remove the screws from the loopCut the loop to the right sizeReturn the screws! Put the loop on your foot and spin the ball by turning your foot, jump over it with your other foot! Lots of fun and laughter!

This Pure2Improve hand sewn football is perfect for youngsters or beginners to practice their kicking and stopping skills. Made from TPU, PE and EVA foam, it weighs between 410 and 450g. "These balls are durable and easy to carry from one field to another. "We will improve your football technique with the ball....

Rope football

Rubber football is a variation of the well-known soccer game, only in rubber football you are attached to the ceiling with a rubber band. This provides for many funny and ridiculous situations. When you think you can pass the ball to your team's striker, suddenly the rubber band pulls you back and you're dangling from the ceiling.

In flexible football, you're tied to the rubber, which means you can't move freely on the pitch. You have limited playing space, so you have to work extra hard with your teammates. Apart from that, the rules of football remain the same. The match will be supervised by a referee. Scores are recorded, sound effects are present and there is a stand where you can cheer on your team. The size of the playing field can be adjusted depending on the size of the group. The coach can, of course, change the players so that everyone can take part in the game. In addition, playing in socks is compulsory.


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