how to frame a football shirt


Design your football jersey to appeal to young fans.

Option 2 - Framing the football jersey: in this option, the jersey is fully arranged on a piece of passe-partout cardboard. The shirt is attached with small invisible pins. The football shirt is framed in a frame with recessed strips. The shirt is then exposed to the glass.

Method of collecting and fetching the football shirt. Step five: contact us. Step six: find inspiration for framing the shirt. Step seven: get to work framing the shirt. Step 8: Share your framed shirt and ask for feedback. What did I do right?

Design your football shirt to appeal to older fans.

Nothing expresses your love for your team and the beautiful game more than a football shirt. The colours and emblem can help you feel more connected to your club or team. That's why football shirts, past and present, are worn with honour on match days and cherished forever by fans. If you're lucky enough to get a special shirt - for example, a signed one or one worn by a celebrity before you - you become attached to it in a whole new way. That's why it would be a crime to put it in a wardrobe where it would go unnoticed and unappreciated.

An autographed football shirt can be quite valuable. It should therefore be treated with respect. If you give us a football shirt, we will make sure it is wrinkle-free. In some cases, we will dampen the shirt slightly to remove any wrinkles. We then iron it to make sure it is completely wrinkle-free. Of course, we make sure that the signed football shirt does not lose its autographs. Using the floor strips, make sure that the shirt does not touch the glass of the frame. Secure the football shirt on the back with small invisible pins so that it remains informative. We also have museum glass so that every detail stands out and the shirt is UV protected. We have an inventory in our shop for all types of football shirts, the possibilities are endless. We will be happy to advise you on which shirt fits each frame. We have many years of experience in framing football shirts.

Frame your football shirt design in a way that is attractive to all.

Depending on your taste, you can attach different frames to the piece. Our methods are suitable for shallow and deep box-shaped frames, although we may recommend the latter if the shirt is particularly thick. Choosing a colour to match your shirt can be particularly attractive, as long as it doesn't clash with the interior of your home. You may also want to add other related items to your framed football jersey, such as engraved metal plates or photographs. Many people choose to emphasise the importance of the jersey by including a photo of the player in question wearing the jersey during the game.

Option 1 - Deluxe Football Jersey Framing: Our customers come to us for quality. One of the most beautiful options for framing a football jersey is a frame with recessed strips. The strips are inserted into the frame and create a space between the glass and the football shirt. This allows the fabric of the football shirt to retain its natural shape. The football shirt shall be mounted on cardboard cut in the shape of the emblem. This is the most beautiful and elegant way to present the football shirt. You can also make cut-outs in the passe-partout cardboard for photos or stadium cards. We recommend museum glass for a beautiful presentation of this luxurious framing method. Museum glass is almost invisible and reduces reflections and UV light. The football jersey is thus optimally protected.


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