what you need for a football crown


Crowns are mandatory for all spectators at football matches.

Since the last crown virus press conference on January 25, professional football clubs are allowed to fill one-third of their stadiums with spectators. In recent weeks, fans were required to sit 1.5 meters away from each other throughout the stadium. They also had to be in possession of a crown ticket. Some matches were brought forward because the stadiums had to be empty after 10 p.m.

Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Divisie clubs will be able to play in full stadiums again from next weekend. Visitors will have to show a crown ticket when entering the stadium. They must wear a mouth mask when moving around the stadium and a seat in the stands is required.

Football games can be watched without headphones.

Professional football is in the category of outdoor events with banners, which has implications for all initiatives in this category (see question 2) of events. Therefore, at present, two-thirds of stadiums can be used by spectators. Professional football is not a specific exception in this case; other events such as concerts, cultural shows, sports matches and fixed seating shows can also receive 67% of the audience.

Fans also have different time slots to come to the stadium. Someone sitting behind the goal cannot make contact with someone sitting on the long side of the field. This was also demonstrated in the Fieldlab research: the number of contacts in football stadiums is very limited, there is no mass of people where everyone can walk through and touch each other. The scientific results of Fieldlab also underline all this and to date there has been no outbreak of infection in football stadiums. Not even during the four Euro games in the Netherlands.

Wreaths are usually colored according to team loyalty.

What do you look for when choosing your football clothing? First of all, it has to be comfortable. The last thing you need is shorts that sag and get in the way while playing football. Therefore, it's important that your football clothes fit well and allow you to move freely. It is also good to choose a material that wicks away perspiration quickly so that you stay dry during training or when playing a match. Often, football training sessions are conducted in your own football clothes, and when you play a match, you will wear a jersey provided by the club. For kids, these two-piece sports outfits from Dutchy are ideal. A nice t-shirt and matching shorts that can be combined with our football boots and football accessories such as socks.


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